Hey gang, welcome to our Obsidian Portal page.

It’s still a work in progress – but I think that is kind of the point. It can always be updated and changed as the campaign progresses.

Read through the Adventure Log to get caught up on the adventure. You may notice a few changes from what actually happened (if you can remember nearly a year ago when we last played Ninovan) and those are mostly intentional to help fit with the new AP. The changes will mostly be names and locations and will not significantly impact the characters. I wrote some of the adventure logs like a story, from a character’s point of view, including dialog. Sorry if I misrepresented your character at all. I tried to match their personalities to how I’ve percieved you playing them so if I’m way off, maybe it’s not just my interpretation, it’s also a reflection on roleplaying!

After that, check out the new Ninovan Map. There are some changes there. Hopefully over the next week all of the new places will be added to the Wiki.

That brings us to the Wiki. This is where I will store all the information on Ninovan. No more PDFs to look through, no more digging through emails. Obsidian Portal is our one-stop shop. The only exception will be files too large to post here. Those will stay on dropbox.

You have editing privileges but please contact me before deleting or changing campaign materials. You can add things as long as it is clear what you added. For example, if you have a conversation with Delaron and he reveals that he has webbed feet, you might add to Delaron’s page “Note: Delaron claimed to have webbed feet” Or campaign information “The PCs went wine tasting with Delaron while searching for the vampire vintner”. It will be helpful to keep track of quest notes. I actually may assign someone to do that each adventure.



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