Flex Gunnescip


Atsidi “Flex” Gunnescip is a Mulraanian chaotic good ranger/fighter. He lives in the desert where he builds stuff, mines, and travels around on his horse.


Flex is from East Bufu (placeholder name), a mining town in Western Ninovaan that is nestled in the mountains and volcanoes. The town has always battled perhaps the most dangerous giants in Ninovaan, the militaristic fire giants that come from the volcanoes. If the profits from the mines were not so great this settlement would have been abandoned long ago, but a heavy investment in defensive fortifications allowed the town to fend off the occasional fire giant assault.

The Gunnescip family was hired by the locals to assist with the defense of the town 60 or so years ago, when they were known by a different name. As expert designers of siege machinery, they were eventually named for the unique contraptions they built. The town sits on a lake that protected over half of it’s perimeter from assault, while about another third was protected from the steep slopes of a mountain. However, that left two somewhat narrow approaches that were vulnerable to attack and siege. The family’s greatest engineer designed a mobile floating siege pad that could fire while drifting along the calm surface of the lake. While a fixed siege pad on open water would be an easy target, the slow drift of these “gunnescips” made it difficult for the fire giants’ often crude siege equipment to accurately return fire. They proved to be the most effective way to thwart any approaching or sieging fire giants on the flanks of the town.

Growing up, Flex was underestimated as all brawn and no brains, so was used as muscle in assembling and repairing siege as a teenager, then went to work mining as a young adult. His quick learning of mining methods changed attitudes towards him, and he was taken from the mines to be trained as an engineer to help build siege engines.

More Recently…:

However, the machines could not protect the town from its ultimate downfall four years ago when the fire giants used burrowing beasts to quickly widen the mine entrances and enter the town from underground. East Bufu was sacked but not razed, since the territorial giants take pride in their conquests the mostly intact city is kept as a vacant trophy. Most of the town’s residents escaped to various nearby settlements.

Flex was unable to escape before the town was overrun, but managed to hide while witnessing the fire giants massacre the remaining citizens. As soon as things calmed down Flex slipped out of the city and made his way down the mountains, finding one of the town’s released horses on the way. After witnessing the dickishness of the fire giants, Flex decided to focus his frustration from losing the town into harassing the giants as much as possible. So Flex constructed a small shelter and storage in the desert at the base of the dangerous mountain range, in a previously abandoned but undepleted mine. This mine was rich in rare gems and strong metals, so what one man could mine was enough to support himself. Survival in the desert was obviously very difficult for Flex and his horse he named Meteor, and Flex’s unwillingness to kill what animals inhabited the desert for food made it a necessity to travel across the desert and visit various towns frequently to buy and sell.

More Recentlyer..:

Over the years Flex finally constructed a tunneling device he could use to dig a small tunnel connecting a deep portion of the lake directly to the mine shaft the giants had tunneled through into town – roughly a 500 foot distance at the shortest point. He would hire some adventurers to help him execute his plan and flood the mine – which likely would create a flow into at least a portion of the fire giants underground lairs, pissing them off immensely.

So, several weeks ago he left his shelter and headed across the desert toward Koshepa to hire some help. Flex followed the dried up Chu’a riverbed that had been used as a road in the absense of water. It didn’t take long for bandits to ambush and rob Flex, ruining his journey and frustrating him further. Rather than travel back across the desert however, he decided to continue to Koshepa and work in the mines he’s heard so much about until he made enough money to hire some hands.

The heat, however, was unusually oppressive even for the low lying desert the river once flowed through. So Flex assumed he was seeing a mirage when he spotted something unusual further upriver. A lone woman was sitting along the road on a tilted chair that had only half of its supports functioning properly. Despite the heat and the sunlight, she was wearing a helmet with a candle on it. Despite the lack of water or vessels present, she was carrying a single oar. And despite being in the heart of Ninovaan she was clearly not a native of the country. He had met the great pirate lord Scruffin, who needed help fixing her folding chair. Appreciating the absurdity of the situation, Flex helped her fix the chair and they traveled together to complete the journey to Koshepa, becoming acquainted along the way.

Flex told Scruffin that he thought any ship lost in the nearby inlets was probably sucked into the rift and its crew had no chance of survival, and if they did they had no chance of making it back out of the rift anyway. But since she was undeterred Flex promised to help find her someone more knowledgable about the rift in Koshepa.


As a chaotic good character, Flex is unimpressed by authority, social status, and humorless people and might come across as rude to those types of people if he bothered to interact with them at all. He enjoys pranks and frustrating those he deems to have it coming by, for example, taking from them what they took from others. He is also very competitive and dislikes losing to sore winners (sore losers amuse him though). He finds Ninovaan’s relative freedom refreshing, and resents threats to ruin this, whether they’re from inside or outside the country.

Despite being a ranger, he is not particularly good with wild animals and abhors killing them for any reason. He would be more likely to run from a ferocious squirrel than kill it, and would have to be on the brink of starvation to hunt an animal for food. He knows the world sucks and innocent beings are going to die all the time but simply doesn’t want to be the one that has to do it. Evil creatures, however, are a very different matter. His horse is also his best friend, so he makes sure it is taken care of when he is in cities.

While very strong, Flex prefers to use smart combat maneuvers over brute strength in combat. Very aware that a single blow can kill him, he likes to make his targets more vulnerable or himself less vulnerable so he can fight with an advantage. However, he is not terribly afraid of death – he just doesn’t want to give an enemy the satisfaction of defeating him.


Flex is about 6’1” and 250 pounds. Being of mixed descent he has light skin naturally and blue eyes but dark hair. Spending long periods of time in the sun has darkened him significantly so his eyes are about the only thing that betrays his mixed heritage.

He wears an explorer’s outfit of mostly tan colors and a wide brimmed hat, along with studded leather armor when danger is possible.

He initially travels light but does carry a range of weapons that double as tools for different situations, including a large pickaxe, a handaxe, a few small hammers and a bow.

*_More Recentlier

Flex has found lucrative work mining and managing in the recently secured mine. After several near death experiences adventuring is just not enough reward for the risk, especially if it ends him before he can reclaim his home town._*

Flex Gunnescip

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