Illyon Averin



Race: Human (Talif)
Class: Magus
Alignment: NG
Occupation: Student/Bartender


Illyon was the driving force in the creation of the heroic party that is destined to save Ninovan. He is a friendly, outgoing bartender at the Brewery/Tavern “The Desert Wind”. He was born in Talifax. His father, a wizard, was hunted down by the Terusc Empire when Illyon was no bigger than a bread basket. His mother fled with him to Ninovan and settled down in Koshepa.

Illyon, when approached by Master Delaron, rounded up the heroes to go on their first adventure together. He continued to adventure with them as they defeated Bladefist, rescued the hostages. He was there when they explored and cleared out the strange underground worm-hole and keep at the Bloodweep Mine. Upon returning to Koshepa he was accepted into the Academy Arcana and has opted to take a hiatus from adventuring to study with Delaron.

Illyon wields a magic Black falchion he calls “Darksteel” which he found near the abandoned keep under Bloodweep.

It is known that Illyon Averin loves to kill and eat horse. Do not let him anywhere near your own.

Illyon Averin

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