Master Delaron

Headmaster and Dean of the Academy Arcana


Class: Wizard
Race: Ninovaan
Age: 65


Master Delaron originally hails from Qalachi, the largest city in Ninovan and the defacto capital. As a young boy he was clearly very bright and gifted in magic and was sent to the Arademy Arcana in Talifax to study with the greatest wizards alive at one of the last bastions of magic in the empire. When the Academy finally fell, Delaron escaped and returned to Ninovan. He became very interested in the Rift (some even say obsessed) and the potential for discovery it holds. He set up his own Academy Arcana and uses it to study the Rift as well as train students in the ways of Magic.

Delaron is cousins with Par-Chieftain Lanod.

The PCs became acquainted with Delaron when they retrieved the Mysterious Rod for him before it was transported to Terusc.

Master Delaron

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