Par-Chieftan Lanod

Chief of Koshepa


Class: Unknown
Race: Human (Ninovaan)
Age: 45


Lanod Neff is the *Par-Chieftan of Koshepa, a title effectively the same as Mayor/Governor. He is known for being impatient, selfish, and power-hungry. He commands little respect from the other powers in Koshepa, the managers of the 6 mines that make up the bulk of the economy. The managers wouldn’t mind stomping on his authority save for 2 things. First, he has the Sheriff (an equally unpleasant man) in his pocket. Second, he is the cousin of the respected Master Delaron, whom the mine managers do not want to cross.

Rumor holds that Lanod was put in power by a blackmailed Chief, and sent to Koshepa where he could be of little political power and would be under the eye of Delaron.

*Par-Chief or Par-Chieftan is the equivalent of a minor Mayor/Governer. A “Chieftan” would be the mayor/governor of a city or larger area, and the Grand Chieftan rules the Nation.

Par-Chieftan Lanod

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