Ninovan, though not as diverse as parts of the Empire to the north, still boasts a variety of races that dwell within it’s borders. Listed here are the most common:


Like all of Mulraan, Humans are by-far the dominant race in Ninovan.

  • Ninovaan (40%) – The native race of Ninovan. Their tanned skin and tough nature have been developed through centuries of living in the harsh deserts.
  • Mulraanian (35%) – Most humans of mixed heritage in Ninovaan can trace at least some of their ancestors to native Ninovaan roots.
  • Talif (15%) – The northen border of Ninovan is shared with Talifax, and the two races have rarely known any hostility. The Talif population of Ninovan increased dramatically when Crossroads & Talifax fell to the Terusc Empire and refugees fled across the border. The Bandit Kingdoms are now equally mixed Talif, Ninovaan and Mulraanian)
  • Teruscan (7%) – Few true-born Terusc can be found in Ninovan outside of Peacegate. Most have lived there only recently, sent by the empire to lay claim to the vast natural resources of Ninovan.
  • Marin (2%) – The sea-faring Marin are ill-suited to the dry heat of the desert. The traditional lands of the Marin (the Marin Isles and holdings on Mulraan) are separated from Ninovan by the forbidding Zaltana Mountains
  • Agwa (1%) – Agwa in Ninovan, like in most of mainland Mulraan, are extremely rare. A resident of Ninovan could easily go his entire life without ever meeting one of the natives of Gwanir.

Other Races:

  • Dwarf – Dwarves inhabit nearly all the mountains of Ninovan. Their largest city is Greysmerer, located in the Blackstone Mountains. Dwarves are attracted to the incredible natural resources of the mountains, canyonlands, and the Rift.
  • Elf – Ninovan is very far from most traditional elven homelands and therefore few elves live in Ninovan. There is only one native race of elves, the Sand Elves. The Sand Elves are a nomadic people that live in the harsh deserts of Hokam.
  • Gnome – Gnomes are frequently seen in the larger cities of Ninovan. Grossetgrottel is the only exclusively gnomish settlement in Ninovan.
  • Half-Orc – Like elves, the traditional homeland of the Orcs is far to the north. Consequently, few half-orcs are found in Ninovan.
  • Half-Elf – Half-elves are only slightly more common than their elven brethren and can mostly be found in large cities such as Qalachi

Monstrous Races:

  • Lizardfolk – Areas of maze-like canyonlands are found throughout Ninovan and these places are the favorite habitat of Lizardfolk. Lizardfolk are organized by tribes and dozens of tribes exist throughout the nations. Relations between civilized folk and the tribes varies, but the Lizardfolk are very territorial and this frequently leads to confrontation.
  • Giants – A great variety of Giant races live throughout Ninovan. Most are either unfriendly but some are openly hostile, clinging to the belief that their land was stolen by the Ninovaans millenia ago. The most common giant races include Hill Giants, Fire Giants and Stone Giants.
  • Whitelings – Only recently discovered, Whitelings seem to inhabit a vast underdark beneath Mulraan. Their origins are unknown, but some scholars in Qalachi maintain that they are all that is left of the elves that disappeared shortly after the Reckoning.
  • Gnolls – In the deserts of southern Ninovan, bands of roving Gnolls terrorize villages and travelers. They are often unorganized unless rallied by a strong leader, such as a Dragon or a Giant.
  • Dragons – These powerful creatures are rare throughout Mulraan, and likewise in Ninovan. It is unknown exactly how many dragons and of what types roost within Ninovan’s borders. The most common (though still quite rare) are Blue Dragons, Red Dragons and Brass Dragons.


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