The Desert Wind


The Desert Wind is a favorite base camp for adventurers as well as travelers looking for a decent but affordable room and a artisan craft brew. Most of the alehouses in town make their own beer but none do it quite like the Desert Wind. The owner and brewmaster, Bento Hilwalker, was an apprentice brewer at the renowned Free City Brewhouse in Crossroads before traveling halfway across the world to open his own place at the fledgling Rim District of Koshepa.

The brewery serves 5 rotating draft beers plus their signature Pickaxe Porter, a Marin-style porter. It gained popularity as far away as Bento’s hometown of Crossroads when notable Terusc bounty hunter Cornelius Chey declared it his favorite drink and had Bento brew 25 kegs to last he and his companions the long journey back to Talifax.

Illyon Averin had just been promoted to head evening-shift bartender when he went off adventuring with the other Heroes. He now only works part time between apprenticing at the Academy Arcana. The Wind has business nearly every night but rarely is as popular as when local favorite Esra Kyrie performs, which occurs roughly once a month.

In the Campaign

The PCs met at the Desert Wind, brought together by the bartender-come-magus Illyon Averin.

The Desert Wind

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