The Whispering Cairn

The Whispering Cairn is one of the most mysterious of the tombs located throughout the Cairn Hills. It was only opened up when The Rift was created. Those standing in it’s entrance can hear voice-like sounds on the gentle breeze that pours from the tomb,

The tomb, like many of the Cairns plundered in the past, seems at first glance to hold little of value. Due to it’s difficult access, dangerous traps and challenging puzzles, few venture past the entrance and even fewer come back out.

In the Campaign . . .

The heroes have fallen on a drought in the world of adventuring, so on Noth Que’heha’s suggestion, the party entered the tomb in search of whatever treasure lay within. Inside they found numerous chambers, some marked with inscriptions from the Vaati alphabet, an ancient alphabet used by speakers of Auran, the elemental language of air. Many questions have been raised, such as:

-For whom is this tomb built? and by whom?
-Who lived in the living chamber on the lower level and why?
-What do the Vaati inscriptions say?
-What was the strange broken mirror-frame?
-What other mysteries and treasures does this tomb hold?

The Whispering Cairn

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