Things y’all have learned so far:

From Balabar Smenk: There is a cult, The Cult of the Ebon Triad, operating in some underground temple that was discovered under the Dourstone Mine. They are experimenting with undead and whatever these strange worms are. They are being led by The Faceless One. He claims that there are vile undead and some sort of goblin-like creature working with The Faceless One. He wants the PCs to put down this cult, bring him the Faceless One’s mask, and bring Ragnolin Dourstone to justice for working with such an evil group.

From Hameneezer: The Cult of the Ebon Triad is a secretive religious cult dedicating to merging the 3 evil gods Odosor, Vecnala & Trucida into one super-powerful overgod – a most terrifying notion. Even the regular worshipers of the 3 evil gods consider them heretics.

From Esra/Amadi: The Faceless one is also the current leader of the Black Knights. The Faceless One is some kind of magic user, but is very mysterious and never interacted with the lower members of the Black Knights such as Amadi and Esra. He is guarded by 2 Tengu guards who now carry out his orders to the organization. Esra’s brother Listro (at 12 yrs old, a member of the Knights) told her 2 weeks ago that he was going to finally be included on some very important business going in the Dourstone Mine. She hasn’t seen or heard from him since and is very worried.

From Dulok Blitzhame: When the party met Blitzhame at the Dourstone Mine and showed him the letter, he seemed to have no knowledge of any of it’s implications (such as the presence of a cult in the mine), and took offense to the notion.

From the guard at Dourstone’s house: Dourstone has not been back to his mansion in a week.


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