Venelle Averin

Venelle Averin is a curious woman of Talif descent, though she has a touch of elven in her blood. She came to Koshepa with her son Illyon when he was an infant, on the run from the long arm of the Terusc Empire in Talifax.

She ran for 2 years and learned to fend for herself, spending a small amount of time with a troupe of elven scouts. There she learned she had a talent for bow craft. When she finally settled in Koshepa she spent all of her money to buy the local Bow shop (it was nearly out of business) and set up her own shop. She has since turned the business around and is doing quite well.

In the Campaign

The heroes, except for Noth, all currently sleep on the floor in the living room of Venelle’s apartment above the shop. She is very alert and is often awakened by the adventurer’s sleeping in the next room. She has been seen asking Illyon when his friends will be able to find their own place.

Venelle Averin

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